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June 16, 2010 - "Legalize It" Oregon's Hemp Industry. 

This article talks about the fast growing hemp industry in the State of Oregon, and the importance to let farmers grow hemp under the state hemp farming bill, SB 676.  Oregon is home to Living Harvest foods, as well as a Venture Capital fund pushing millions into a new hemp industry.



June 4, 2010 - North Dakota Farmers file another appeal.

This is the third lawsuit brought by licensed North Dakota farmers against the DEA.  This article provides a great history of hemp in North Dakota.  ND was the first state to pass hemp legislation, over 10 years ago.  They have over a dozen pieces of legislation on the books.



June 1, 2010- First Annual Hemp History Week a Success! Nearly 200 events nationwide!  Thank you to all of the volunteers and start getting ready for next year's Hemp History Week


March 10, 2010 - Vote Hemp and Hemp Industries Association Announce Week Long Education Campaign to Bring Back Hemp Farming - 'Hemp History Week' Events Planned in 50 States. Read the article.

March 4, 2010 - Could the future for UK biofuel be oilseed rape and hemp? - Intensive agricultural practice of any sort rarely uses less fossil fuel energy than the solar energy that it conserves as biomass. Read the article.

March 3, 2010 - Local hemp advocate petitions to address Attorney General - Paul Von Hartmann contends that current laws prohibiting industrial hemp production in the US violate the First Amendment to the Constitution. Read the article.

March 2, 2010 - Advocates say hemp could become a cash crop in Wisconsin - It could soon be legal to grow hemp for industrial purposes in Wisconsin, depending on what comes of two hemp bills pending in the state legislature. Read the article.

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